Greetings, my name is Kateryna .

Since 2006 I live and work in Spain.
I provide the services of a personal consultant in the real estate market in Spain, Costa del Sol. I specialise in all real estate transactions. I will help you to find and purchase residential and commercial real estate,  plots and working investment projects.
I completed my business studies in Madrid in the year 2013, and have been travelling through work to many different conference meetings, company fairs, product launches and various areas in this forever changing industry that we live in. Giving me a hand on experiences and creating a very extent network of all kind of professionals.
I collaborate with the best lawyers on the Costa del Sol to help check and conduct a deal.  The catalog of real estate offered by me is constantly updated.
If you did not find a suitable on the site, please contact me and I will select the best options for you.

I offer my clients:
-A tour of the Costa del Sol;
-Real estate market research;
-Selection of an object and support of a real estate purchase and sale transaction together with a lawyer;
-Assistance in obtaining mortgage loans.
-Golden Visas

Once we have found your perfect purchase, your story with us doesn’t end there.  We will stick with you every step of the way, not just on the legal side of things, but on the professional and personal side of every aspect as well.  This is where my company Social Marbella comes in, offering further services on the Costa del Sol.

Atentamente / Sincerely / Mit freundlichen Grüssen / С уважением





Kateryna Krutyak
CEO – Sales Manager

Social Marbella Investors Club
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